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Patthana Marine and Foods Co., Ltd. canned fish food manufacturer which
located in the industrial area of Thailand , established with the objectives in
mind to serve the most of canned fish food.

Patthana Marine and Foods Co., Ltd. is not only concentrating on produces but
also looking after the offered products as hygienic for human consumptions as
well as environmentally as a responsibility towards this Earth planet.

Patthana Marine and Foods Co., Ltd. taken an major step on preparing the
co-related resources to build strong path on our offerings such as our great
conglomerates’ in raw material resources in which Patthana Marine and Foods
Company had made an investments with stringent qualitative systems of every
step in raw material executions before it reach to the production lines.

Patthana Marine and Foods Co., Ltd. has also concentrated tactfully to build our
team of expertise with their full faith on goals and miles to achieve not only in
the production team but also in administrative area where we proudly offer the
most faster and smoother solutions to our respective clientele while selling as
well as execution levels and always consider honor to take care of our clientele’s
business as our business partners.

Patthana Marine and Foods Co., Ltd. is an RHYTHM of Food & Health with
memories to offer with artful desires’ of delicacies and tastes.
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